Parliament Canteen Subsidy/ MPs of all parties decide to give up food subsidy, about Rs 17 crore will be saved every year

  • Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla had suggested ending the subsidy on canteen food – sources
  • Now all MPs will get food in the canteen at normal rate, food prices were raised in 2016.

New Delhi: Members of Parliament have unanimously decided to let go of the subsidy that they avail at the Parliament canteen, sources said Thursday.

According to sources, now Members of Parliament (MPs) will get food at a normal rate. The prices of canteen food were also increased on January 1, 2016, following reports in the media in December 2015 about the huge subsidy on food in Parliament canteen.

Along with MPs, staff, security personnel, journalists and people coming to see the proceedings of Parliament usually eat food in the Parliament canteen. There have been voices of protest from time to time regarding the subsidy on food in Parliament Canteen.

In 2015, the BJD MP raised the demand to end the subsidy: Reports surfaced in 2015 that up to 80% of the cost of food in the canteen is subsidized. The then BJD MP Bijayant Jai Panda wrote a letter to the speaker demanding the scrapping of the subsidy. He had said that when the government is asking the financially strong people to refund LPG subsidy, MPs should also give up subsidy facilities in the canteen.