Parents crawl on all fours to DC office, seek justice for their dead children

Dharamshala (Himachal Pradesh): Parents of the 27 children, who were killed in a bus accident at Nurpur in April this year, crawled on all fours to the deputy commissioner’s office here on Monday, seeking justice for their kids. They said that even three months after the accident, the government has neither been able to find out what led to the mishap nor identify the culprits.

30 deaths

The scene of the accident

Thirty people, including 27 school children, were killed after a private bus skidded off the road and rolled down deep into a 200-foot gorge in Nurpur area of Kangra district in Himachal Pradesh on April 20. Two teachers and the driver of the bus were among those dead.

The parents of the children claim that faulty road construction, failure of the administration to keep a tab on the fitness of the school buses and other factors were responsible for the untimely death of their kids. But the government was doing nothing to nail the culprits.

Don’t want memorial

The parents crawled on all fours for about 200 metres to reach the DC office, where they pleaded with the DC Sandeep Kumar that the government should seek a CBI probe into the incident. However, the DC did not agree. The DC only said that he shared their grief. He also said that the administration may consider building a memorial to the death children. “We don’t want a memorial. We only want justice,” the sobbing mother of the one of the victims of the accident told the DC.

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