Paramavatar Shri Krishna: Portraying roles of Vishnu, Ram & Krishna in same show is once in a lifetime opportunity, says Sudeep Sahir

Portraying diverse characters across multiple shows may have been a common trend across television, but actors playing different and pivotal characters in a single show is something one rarely comes across.

With actors constantly challenging themselves for each role, actor Sudeep Sahir is not too far behind. The actor who made his debut in mythology with &TV’s Paramavatar Shri Krishna as Lord Krishna, will now also be seen essaying the role of Lord Vishnu and Lord Ram in the same show.

Sudeep had essayed the character of Lord Vishnu for a short scene post which the producers, Peninsula Pictures decided to cast him for the characters of Lord Vishnu and Lord Ram simultaneously to depict the various reincarnations of the former.

While the actor was initially hesitant on pulling off three critical characters, however, he found the challenge hard to resist and took on the mandate to portray the characters.

Sudeep says further, “While the variation between pulling of these three characters might have not been much, my only concern was how to stay most relevant to all the three characters and keep the natural act on.  It, of course, was challenging and kind of a first on the television. But we have managed it beautifully.”

It was a completely new experience: Talking about it, the actor said “It definitely is once in a lifetime opportunity to portray three crucial characters. I was initially in two minds on how I will be able to pull this off. As an actor when you essay one single character, you train your mind and performance in a manner to depict the role in the most authentic manner.”

Sudeep explains that amid back to back scenes for these three characters, he had to gear up for the look and costumes back to back, which in a way was challenging yet fun as well as a completely new experience. “We do hope the viewers will accept me in these characters and continue to shower their blessings and love,” he added.