Panther hides inside cave in Rajsamand, rescued by forest department

Rajsamand: An adult panther hid inside the cave on a hill near a pond in village Amaliyar on National Highway 8 in Rajasthan’s Rajsamand district. The panther hid inside the cave while trying to flee from the people.

The people closed the cave’s mouth with a heavy stone thus trapping the big cat inside the cave. Later, shooter Satnam Singh arrived from Udaipur and tranquilised the panther. It took more than five hours to rescue the panther. The incident took place on Friday.

Earlier, the people informed the forest department. Forest ranger Devilal of Rajsamand Forest Department arrived on the spot along with the team. He shot the first dart of tranquilising injection but the sound of growling continued to come from inside the cave.

Half an hour later shooter Satnam Singh shot the second dose of tranquiliser, which finally immobilised the big cat. The forest department personnel then caught the animal and it was being shifted to a rescue centre where it would be medically examined before releasing it at a suitable forest area.