Pakistan/ Imran Khan admits he failed to internationalize Kashmir issue, says disappointed by world leaders

  • Imran said- if 8 million Europeans or Jews or only 8 Americans were under siege somewhere, would the attitude of global leaders have been like this
  • Pakistan has been furious since Article 370 was removed from Kashmir. 
  • Except for China, no country has supported Pakistan on the international stage.

New York: Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has admitted that he has failed to internationalize the Kashmir issue and said that he was disappointed by the lack of response to his campaign to bring global pressure on India over Kashmir.

Asked why the world did not support him, Khan blamed it on India’s appeal as a market of 1.20 billion people.

“There is no pressure on Narendra Modi to lift the siege,” the prime minister said, referring to the restrictions in place in Kashmir.

“To be completely frank, I am a bit discouraged by the world community,” Khan told reporters at a news briefing at the United Nations, claiming the reaction would have been different and more urgent had it been 8 million Europeans who had been put under siege or Jewish people or even just eight Americans — it would have been different.

Khan and his delegation have raised Kashmir at every forum and meeting and, by his own admission, done everything possible. 

‘We are doing everything possible’: Asked what options are left for him if the international community doesn’t respond, Khan said, “What options do we have apart form this? Attack India, clearly, that’s not an option apart from that, we are doing everything possible. Apart from starting a war, we are doing everything possible.”

He plans to continue raising the issue and will be speaking about it in his speech at the UNGA on Friday.