Pak man does ‘apni marzi ki shaadi’ in just Rs 10K; wins hearts

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his year has witnessed one wedding after another, and with each one, the benchmark for expensive celebrations has become higher. Flouting the trend, on December 23, Rizwan, from Karachi, had a ‘big fat wedding’, but on a pocket-friendly budget.

Capping the limit at Rs 10,000 INR, he managed to pull off a celebration filled with pomp and razzmatazz. In the age of the expensive wedding, this sure is a breath of fresh.

A man from Karachi, pulled off a ‘big fat wedding’, but on a pocket-friendly budget.

‘Apni marzi ki shaadi’

  • The groom Rizwan set wedding’s maximum budget at Rs 20,000 (Rs 10,000 INR). The guest list had 25 names: friends and parents.
  • The venue was the groom’s house terrace. Bride and groom wore plain blue shalwar kameez gifted by his mother and sister.
  • The menu was chicken tikka, seekh kabab, halwa, strawberries and ice cream. A friend lent his cooks, and Rizwan bought the chicken and spices from money he had for the wedding and helped prepare it all. His wife cooked ‘khattay alu’ as a starter, while his father bought fairy lights and put them up on the terrace.
  • He borrowed 25 chairs from the neighborhood election committee
  • Rizwan aptly called his marriage ‘Apni marzi ki shaadi’.

Rizwan’s style of wedding won many hearts on the internet and his thread soon went viral. Check out some tweets below: