Paid bots mess up, trend #DivyaLiability instead of #JioInstitute

New Delhi: #DivyaLiability is a classic example of how using botnets to trend an event can turn out to be an epic failure.

If you are on twitter, then we are sure you wouldn’t have missed #DivyaLiability, which started trending on the micro-blogging website on Tuesday. However, it was later found out that a copy-paste mistake by trollers and bots led to the trend of #DivyaLiability, instead of #JioInstitute.

After the Central government on Monday awarded Institution of Eminence (IoE) status to Reliance Foundation’s proposed Jio Institute, a set of messages was circulated on Twitter for appreciating the Centre’s initiative.

The move has got severe criticism in the real world but in the virtual world botnets couldn’t control their joy and this led to the trending of incorrect hashtags.

Those who started hashtag #DivyaLiability wrote:

Taking a dig at BJP, Congress social media cell head Divya Spandana wrote, “Haha! This is what happens when you lose control over bots. They mixed up a hashtag they were supposed to run against me with the pro #JioInstitute tweets. Sorry guys your plan failed. Try again 🙂 I will continue to take on the Ambani’s and the Modi’s of the world.”

Twitteratti burst into laughter after they found out paid bots were actually trending a wrong hashtag and had a ball trolling Jio Institute.

Many mocked BJP’s IT cell and blamed them behind the fauxpas.