Overzealous Rajini fan arrested for live-streaming ‘Kaala’ on Facebook

New Delhi: Advancement of technology comes with several issues, privacy and piracy being the two most important ones which get violated on a regular basis.

In a shocking incident, a man in Singapore was arrested on Wednesday after he was caught live-streamed the Rajinikanth-starrer Kaala on his Facebook page. About 40 minutes of Kaala was leaked from the premiere show held in Singapore.

Vishal Krishna, who is cresting the box office with his Tamil/Telugu digital-crime thriller Irumbhai Thirai/Abhimanyudu, proved to be a real-life hero for Rajinikanth by averting a major digital crime just in time by getting an overzealous Rajini fan arrested in Singapore while he was pirating Kaala.

Vishal who has lately become a prominent voice of the Tamil film industry and heads Tamil Nadu Films Producers’ Council (TFPC), said: “It could have been a major crisis,” after the incident on Wednesday.

Kaala is a big film for us. Rajini Sir is coming back after two years. To our horror, we got to know through our sources in Singapore that a man in the Cathay multiplex was live-streaming Kaala on Facebook,” he told IANS.

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Vishal and his team swung into action immediately. “We got the man arrested after he had streamed 40 minutes of Kaala on Facebook. (This was prior to its release in India on Thursday). The important thing was to take action without delay. That we managed to do.”

Producer Dhananjayan shared the news on Twitter and said, “Shocking act of piracy. Disgusting.” However, actor and TFPC president Vishal quickly responded to his tweet and said that the man has been arrested. He wrote, “On the job @Dhananjayang sir. He has been arrested. Took it from Cathay Singapore.”

(With inputs from IANS)