Over 150 injured in Blue Bottle jellyfish attacks at Mumbai beaches

The Portuguese man-of-war has long tentacles, which enter the body and deliver an excruciatingly painful sting. The venomous sting can kill fish, but not humans.

New Delhi: Over 150 people visiting Mumbai beaches were injured after scores of Blue Bottle jellyfish also known as Portuguese man-of-war were spotted across the beaches of Mumbai, causing panic and fear among people.

According to an ANI report, several people were injured and were left in pain for hours after the venomous jellyfish attacked them.

When the long tentacles of jellyfish enter the body of an individual, they cause itching and pain for hours. The venomous sting can kill fishes but not humans.

The blue bottle jellyfish is not a single animal, but a colony of four kinds of highly modified zooids that are dependent on one another for survival.The Portuguese Man-of-War belongs to the Physaliidae family and is commonly found in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans.

Blue bottle jellyfishes are generally seen in Mumbai, during the mid-monsoon season every year, but this time they were spotted in unusually large numbers.

Around 150 people have been attacked by the jellyfish in past two days as per a shopkeeper at Juhu Beach. “The beach is full of jellyfish. Many people have been injured, over the past two days. I am helping them by rubbing lemon when they are stung. I suggest, people should avoid visiting the beach for now,” he said.

The name “man-of-war” originated from an 18th-century armed sailing ship. They live at the surface of the ocean, because of which, during strong winds, they are driven onto beaches.

(With inputs from ANI)

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