Our members are worried: Travel agents association on selling Jet Airways’ tickets for last year’s incentives

New Delhi: Jet Airways, the second-largest airline in India has urged their travel agents to sell its tickets to avail of last year’s incentives.

This move will help the air carrier to generate some good business but it has rattled the travel agents as the airline’s financial condition is grim.

Moreover, the airline has claimed that “travel agents are supporting its initiative in light of current challenges faced by the aviation sector in India.”

The air passenger carrier offers 4%  productivity-linked bonus without any basic commision, which is linked to sales target. But after the Jet’s move, it becomes mandatory for the travel agents to achieve the sales target to successfully avail their last year incentives.

This is the first time, the payout is being linked against ongoing sales.

‘Agents have no choice’

However, disappointed travel agents have complained about the airlines’ decision to Travel Agents Association of India (TAAI) and Travel Agents Federation of India (TAFI).

“Agents have no choice now but to keep selling Jet Airways tickets to recover last year’s dues. Our ongoing sale will also entitle us for the bonus upon completion of the target and given the airline’s financial woes, there is no clarity whether it will be paid on time,” a TAFI member complained.

“Our members are worried. When Kingfisher Airlines went bust, agents lost millions worth of commission and bonuses,” said Jyoti Mayal, secretary general of TAAI quoted as saying in a media report.

‘Relationship between principal and agent is confidential’

Reacting on the issue, Jet Airways said, “The travel agent fraternity has been supportive of Jet Airways’ initiative, in light of the current challenges being faced by the aviation sector in India. Given that the relationship between a principal and an agent is confidential, the company is unable to comment further,”

As reported by The Economic Times, Jet Airways has offered its pilots an option to leave the airline without serving a notice period as the cash-strapped carrier aims to cut capacity and scale down its operations.

The airline operates a total of 124 aircraft and has a workforce of about 16,000, including 2,000 pilots.

According to media reports, in the past few months, more than 50 Jet Airways pilots have resigned, with a majority of them serving a notice period of just 48 hours.