Original ‘Iron Man’ suit worth $325,000 stolen

New Delhi: A bad news for Marvel fans. The original Iron Man suit worn by Robert Downey Jr in the first “Iron Man” movie which costs more than ₹2 crore has been stolen in Los Angeles, reported Time.

Los Angeles Police Department is investigating the disappearance of the suit. According to the Associated Press, the suit, valued at $325,000, vanished from a LA prop facility sometime between February and late April and has yet to be recovered. No other items were reported missing.

The Iron Man suit from the first “Iron Man” film which was stolen

Downey Jr wore the red and gold costume in the 2008 superhero flick that jump-started the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, Iron Man has updated his suit in the years since he first appeared on the big screen — most recently in “Avengers: Infinity War” — leaving the original suit to sit in storage.

Officer Christopher No, spokesman for the LAPD, told the Los Angeles Times that the suit was reported missing only after employees at the warehouse “just happened to check” on it on Tuesday, since it was last seen in February.

(With agency inputs)