One of world’s unluckiest restaurants survives third car crash in a year

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]n a weird turn of events, a restaurant in Denver, Colorado, is being forced to assure its customers that it’s not a drive-through after getting hit by a car – for the third time in 2018!

‘The Hornet’ in Denver’s Baker neighbourhood, clarified that no one was injured when a car crashed into the eatery at around 2 am on Saturday morning.

“No really… not a drive-thru,” the restaurant said in a Facebook post, which was later deleted, according to Fox News. The Hornet shared a picture of the scene of accident on Instagram, which shows a BMW sitting inside the restaurant after crashing through its window.

The driver of the car was taken into custody, police confirmed to The Denver Channel. He is believed to have been intoxicated at the time of accident.

“This year we are cursed,” The Hornet owner Sean Workman told Fox News. “We had some staff members that narrowly missed it by a matter of seconds,” he said.

A picture of the scene of the accident, shared on Reddit, has garnered over 1,700 ‘upvotes’ and elicited hundreds of shocked comments. According to Denver Post, The Hornet survived a car crash just two weeks ago, when a driver swerved to miss another car and went straight into the restaurant window, shattering the glass.

Before that, in February, a driver rammed his car into the restaurant’s window and patio door.

Perhaps this makes ‘The Hornet Denver’ one of the world’s unluckiest restaurants. However, they are back in business now. In an Instagram post shared two days ago, they assured customers that they are back in business and reminded patrons that parking is in the rear!