On Valentine’s Day, Youth marries transgender in Indore despite family’s opposition

Indore: On Valentine’s Day in Madhya Pradesh, a young man made a transgender his life partner. Both of them married at a temple in Indore. The boy’s family is very upset, but he is hopeful that one day they will accept their daughter-in-law.

Junaid said, “I want my family to accept her, but even if they do not, I’ll stay with my wife. I love her very much and shall always keep her happy.”

I also want to serve my in-laws’

Transgender Jaya Singh said, “It is a big challenge for a transgender to get married because society doesn’t accept them. Junaid’s parents were against marriage, but still he married me. Hopefully Junaid’s parents will accept me soon. I hope one day I will be able to serve my father and mother-in-law.”