On Diwali night, Patna air was more poisonous than Delhi’s

Patna: The air of Patna was more polluted than Delhi’s on the night of Diwali. From 10 pm to 6 am on the night of the festival of lights, the air pollution level (PM10) in Patna was recorded at 1046 microgram per cubic metre. This was higher than Delhi’s maximum 999. The reading was 1268 micrograms between 11 pm and 12 midnight. On Thursday, the next day of Diwali, the residents could feel irritation in eyes.

Sound pollution ‘dangerous’

The Patna residents burst so many crackers that within 8 hours, the pollution levels became ten times the optimum. The sound level levels were ‘dangerous’ in many parts of the city. On Boring Road, the level was 81 decibels. Even in the area around IGIMS (Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences), the sound pollution level was recorded at 100.2 decibels. Hospitals fall in the silent zone where the sound levels should never exceed 50 decibels.

Dr Ashok Gosh, chairman of Bihar State Pollution Control Board said that it would take 48-60 hours for the situation to normalise.