On terrace to celebrate Chocolate Day, teenage boy and his minor lover electrocuted to death

The deceased couple were electrocuted on the rooftop when they accidentally touched a high-tension power cable and their families have not expressed suspicion of foul play

Ambala: A teenage boy and her minor lover in Ambala died when they accidentally touched an 11 KV power cable that was passing just two feet above the roof of a neighbour’s house. Initially the boy’s family members alleged that he had been murdered but later in a written statement to the police they stressed that it might have been an accident. The girl’s family has also not expressed suspicion of a foul play. The doctor, who conducted the autopsy of the bodies, said there were marks of electric shock on their bodies pointing towards death due to electrocution.

Had gone to meet girl after celebrating chocolate day

The boy had perhaps gone to meet her lover on the roof of her neighbour’s house after celebrating chocolate day with her when the tragedy occurred. 

The incident took place in Ambala’s Shivnagar on Saturday night. The girl’s mother went to the roof of her house when she could not locate her in the house on Sunday morning. She was horrified to see the bodies of her daughter and the boy lying about five feet apart on the roof of a neighbour. 

Were the only daughter, only son of their respective families

While 15-year-old girl was the only sister of her two brothers, the boy Sunny, 19, was the only brother of his three sisters. 

The boy had met the girl about five months back. He had given her a mobile so that they may talk with each other. 

Boy was slapped on panchayat’s order after girl was caught talking with him

In November girl’s father had caught her talking with Sunny and subsequently a police complaint was lodged. In the panchayat the boy was slapped and asked not to meet the girl again. But the duo continued to meet.

The girl was a eighth grader student while the boy was learning carpenter’s work at a furniture shop. She continued to meet him while going to the school. Both lived in the same colony. Their houses are situated at distance of only 200 meter apart. The girl’s father runs a tea shop.

Daughter had slept in her room in night: Mother

The girl’s mother said her daughter had slept in her room on Saturday night. In the morning her son woke up at about 6. He told his mother that Didi (elder sister) was not in the room. The bathroom is on the roof of the house, so girl’s mother went to the roof looking for her. There she saw the two bodies lying on the roof of the under-construction house of the neighbour.

On the other hand Sunny’s father Giriraj said a woman told her at about 7 in the morning that his son’s body was lying on the roof of the house.

‘Girl had given chocolate to my brother’

Sunny’s sister said she found a chocolate in her brother’s room. She said she believed the girl had given him the chocolate and had also asked him to meet on the roof of her neighbour.

Two high voltage transmission lines pass over the roof of the house. Both lines pass at the height of only two feet above the roof. The house in which the tragedy occurred belongs to a junior engineer (JE). For his safety, he had built a wall on the roof so that any member of his family may not go to the part of the roof where high tension power lines are passing. But there was no such wall on the side where the girl’s house was situated. It is believed the young couple could not see the power line due to darkness. Police had handed over the bodies to their family members after autopsy.