Old beauties can hit the Delhi roads now

New Delhi: Now, the owners of vintage and antique cars in the capital will be able to drive their beautiful machines on the roads without the fear of traffic cops. The transport department of the Delhi government has decided to issue fitness certificate to such vehicles and also re-register them.

Changes are being in the software of the department and once it is done, the process of re-registering the vehicles will begin. However, the order issued by the deputy commissioner of the department clearly mentions that the vehicles will be able to hit the roads only for participating in a rally or exhibition.

Confined to garages

There are around 2,000 vintage cars in the capital. However, they are confined to garages because of the ban on driving 10-plus years old diesel and 15-plus years old petrol vehicles in the capital.

Gyan Sharma, a member of Heritage Motoring Club of India, who is the proud owner of a 1928 model Austin, says, “I am happy that now I will be able to drive the vehicle on the roads.”

Sachin, who owns a 1952 Willys Jeep says that his vehicle is parked in the garage since 2014. “If the government re-registers them and issues fitness certificates, we would also be able to get such cars insured,” he said.