Ola driver to passenger: Take off your clothes or I will call my friends to gang rape you

Bengaluru: An Ola cab driver allegedly held a Bengaluru-based architect hostage, forcefully made her disrobe, clicked her nude photos and threatened to call his friends to gang rape her. The police have registered an FIR and arrested driver Arun V.

According to the police, on June 1, the 26-year-old woman had booked an Ola cab from Kodihalli to the Kempegowda International Airport in the city at around 2 am. She was slated to board a flight to Mumbai early that morning. Just before the toll gate, the Ola driver allegedly took a detour from the main road. On rasing questions he replied to woman that they could avoid the toll gate and reach sooner through the short cut.

“When they reached a secluded spot, the woman got scared and began screaming when she realised that the doors were locked. Before she could click the emergency button on the app, the driver is said to have snatched her phone away,” Jeevan Bima Nagar Police said.

Arun allegedly tried to choke her as the woman refused to comply. When she began screaming once again, he allegedly said, “Be quiet and take off your clothes or I will call my friends who will gang rape you.”

“The accused then clicked nude pictures of her on her mobile phone and transferred it to himself on WhatsApp. He also molested her. The girl begged him to let her go and promised to never speak of the incident. Arun then dropped her to the airport after he was convinced of her pleas. He called her twice after she entered the airport but she blocked his number,” the police added.

Upon reaching Mumbai, the girl emailed her complaint to Bengaluru Police Commissioner T Suneel Kumar, who immediately ordered that an FIR be registered against Arun. The survivor, had sent her statement along with details of the cab and driver.