NRC issue: TMC delegation stopped at airport in Assam; party terms it as ‘super-emergency’

Silchar, Assam: Lawmakers from Mamata Banerjee led Trinamool Congress (TMC) have been stopped at the airport in Assam’s Silchar, where they were scheduled to lead a campaign against the Assam’s citizen draft that has left out four million people from the state.

The eight-member team of legislators and parliamentarians, all belonging to TMC, has not shifted from the arrival lounge of the Silchar airport since they landed there at 1 pm.

Upon arrival at the airport, the delegation was greeted by a police unit. When the lawmakers tried to exit the airport, they were intervened by a district official who said they “cannot go any further”. The official handed them a piece of paper explaining that large gatherings were banned in the district from last night.

Retorting to officer’s claim, the leader of the delegation, MP Sukhendu Shekhar Roy said, ‚ÄúNothing in this paper tells me why I can’t go into town.”

The argument soon escalated and Roy was physically pushed, which, thereafter, brought out sharp reaction from Trinamool leader Derek O’Brien, who is present in Delhi.

“Our members were roughed up. Sukhendu Shekhar Roy has a pacemaker, he was also roughed up,” said outraged O’Brien.

Women MPs were also hurt, he said, adding: “This is a super-emergency. What is going on?”

While the TMC team wants to address locals and speak to residents in Silchar, the officials at the Silchar airport of Silchar are stressing on the point that restrictions had been imposed in the district and large gatherings had been banned.

A large number of Trinamool supporters gathered outside the airport and shouted slogans. Nobody was allowed to enter or leave the airport.

Mamata Banerjee and her party leaders have aggressively campaigned against the citizens’ list or National Register of Citizens for Assam, which was meant to be an exercise in identifying illegal immigrants from Bangladesh.

The BJP, which rules Assam, has accused Ms Banerjee of fanning flames which are dormant, and trying to incite unrest.