Now, clay fridge to cut your cooling costs

Jharkhand Mati Kala Board to sell desi fridges in Ranchi for Rs 4,000

Ranchi: Now, you don’t have to worry about the your spiralling power bills. A clay refrigerator will keep your food and water cool and fresh.

The State Mati Kala Board plans to make desi fridge using clay. It would work on the principle of evaporation. The clay fridge would keep water and food items cool and fresh without consuming electricity. It would be made using smooth white, brown and red clay. In the market it would be available at the maximum price of Rs 4,000.
Besides clay fridge, cookers, frying pans (tawas), tea-sets and many other kitchen utensils made of clay would be available.

Won’t make ice

Board Chairman Shrichand Prasad and CEO Manjunath Bhajnatri told Bhaskar that similar clay fridges are made in Gujarat, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh and provide an alternative for people who can’t afford conventional refrigerators. Except that it won’t make ice, it is as good as a conventional refrigerator.

Gujarat trainers to train Jharkhand’s sculptors

According to Shrichand Prasad and Manjunath Bhajnatri, the desi fridge would make use of the principle of cooling through evaporation to keep things cool. This method is in use for centuries. Trainers from Gujarat are expected to reach Jharkhand within a fortnight and they would train local potters. Mati Kala Board will organise a fair from Dussehra to Diwali to sell clay fridges and other clay products.

Power-run potter’s wheel

Board Chairman Shrichand Prasad said the Board would provide power-run potter’s wheels to make pots and the beneficiaries would have to pay only 20 per cent of the cost and and balance amount would be in the form of government grant.

According to Mati Kala Board officials, the Board’s aim is to provide self-employment opportunities to the potters.

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