Nonagenarian retd Brigadier hires private detectives to trace thugs; police let go of them, twice

Chandigarh: It was back in 2007 that Pritam Singh, a 94-year-old retired Colonel and his son, retired Brigadier DS Garewal were cheated of Rs 1 crore by Ashish Goyal and Sunita Goyal, who ran a fly-by-night real estate company. But they are to be traced by the police.

The duo had launched a real estate company called Balaji Enclave and put out ads offering flats for sale. They persuaded Brigadier DS Garewal and his wife Manveen Garewal to invest in the company and promised 10 flats to them. The ex-army officer, his wife and his father invested a total of Rs 1 crore in the company. They were told that the flats would be ready within 18 months. But that was not to be.

Cheques bounced

The duo had given cheques to them as a guarantee but they bounced. Afterwards, the accused stopped picking up their phones. Brigadier Garewal filed a case with the Chandigarh UT police in 2009. But the police was not able to arrest the accused and the court declared them absconders.

A harried 0Brigadier Garewal hired private detectives, who found that the duo was living in Kullu with their children. However, the police claimed that they escaped before a police team could reach the place.

On June 26, 2014, the detectives found that the accused were living at Katni in Satna district of Madhya Pradesh. After a week, on July 2, a police conducted a raid in Satna but couldn’t find them at the given address.

Cops caught in company of accused

According to Brigadier Garewal the police were in cahoots with the duo. The accused were living at the same address that the private detectives had found. The Brigadier complained to the CJM of Allahabad. When, on the directive of the court, the UP Police raided the place they found that the Chandigarh cops were breaking bread with Ashish Goyal at his house. The Chandigarh Police in their defence said that they were about to arrest the accused. After this, the UT Police informed the Brigadier that Ashish has been caught while Sunita has escaped.

According to the police, Ashish was being brought back to Chandigarh by train but he did not reach the city till July 8, six days after the raid. The Brigadier was later told by senior officers that the police were bringing the accused with them in Ashish’s car but he escaped near Mathura.

Since then, there is no trace of the duo.