No DJ, dowry or other costly rituals in wedding of ex-serviceman’s son in Haryana, money donated for gaushala

Bhivani: An ex-serviceman, resident of village Mudi of Haryana’s Charkhi Dadri district, spent only Re 1 in the marriage of his son.

Only 21 people attended the marriage procession. Neither the DJ played nor the reception was given. People were surprised to hear about this unique marriage.

But everyone started praising after learning why this was done. Actually, instead of spending a good amount of money in marriage, the newlywed couple donated the remaining amount to a gaushala.

Jatin, the son of ex-serviceman Rajendra Singh of Mudi, was married recently. He got married in a very simple way. His family did not make arrangements for the DJs, feasts, gifts and processions on the occasion of marriage.