Nitish Kumar breaks silence, says ‘ashamed of Muzaffarpur rapes’

CM promises severe punishment to culprits, wants HC to monitor CBI probe

Patna: After a long-drawn silence, Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar on Friday spoke on the recent case of multiple child rapes in a shelter home in Muzaffarpur. “We are ashamed of Muzaffarpur,” said Nitish. “This is paap and the accused should be punished.”

The chief minister stressed that the CBI, which is now probing the case, should be monitored by the high court. “There is system flaw and we have to investigate it,” he said. “I want to make sure that such incidents are not be swept under carpet.”

The case came to light a while back, which saw at least 34 girls allege being sexually assaulted at the children’s home. Since then, this is the first time that Nitish Kumar spoke about it.

His consistent silence did not go unnoticed. Many politicians, most recently Lalu Prasad’s son Tejashwi Yadav, had slammed the chief minister for not speaking up on the matter. But speaking on Friday, Nitish stressed that he was “pained at the Muzaffarpur incident”. “There will be law of rule till I am in government,” he promised.

Meanwhile, videos that surfaced recently show Brajesh Thakur, owner of the children’s home and main accused in the case, hobnobbed with many big names and politicians in his hay days, including chief minister Nitish Kumar.

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