Nithya Menen: Acting has always been so natural and easy

Actress Nithya Menen has been working in films for over a decade now. Recently she spoke about how cinema happened by chance.

The “Mission Mangal” actress said, “I got into films accidentally. I wanted to be in the forest, around animals and make films on them. However, very recently I started to develop an incredible love for cinema. What a beautiful medium this is! It lets me make something that can change the emotional state of people. Maybe, this is what arranged marriage feels like,” she quipped.

“It has always been so natural and easy. Nothing was a challenge to me. I realised this is what I am best at doing. It was truly effortless,” said the actress, who has starred in Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu and Hindi movies. In fact, she calls herself a spontaneous actor.

“I cannot be directed too much. If you over-instruct me, you will mess it up. I am not a method actor. I am spontaneous,” said Nithya.

Going back to the time when she was shooting for the 2015 film “OK Kanmani”, she shared: “During ‘OK Kanmani’, Mani (Ratnam) sir would not instruct me much. For a long time, I thought Mani sir didn’t like my performance.”

But later, she realised that he found her performance “good”.