NiMo availed of loans from PNB’s Hong Kong, Dubai branches, too

New Delhi: Nirav Modi group’s exposure was not limited to only PNB’s Brady House branch in Mumbai, as the firms had availed loan facility from its Hong Kong and Dubai branches too, according to an internal report of the bank submitted to investigative agencies. As per the report, Nirav Modi group companies Firestar Diamond Ltd Hong Kong and Firestar Diamond FZE Dubai availed some credit facilities from the Hong Kong and Dubai branches of PNB as well. The sanctioned credit facilities were recalled soon after investigation and linkage with the group which defrauded the bank of about Rs13,000 crore.

3 countries urged to help nab Nirav

  • India has asked UK, France and Belgium to help track down fugitive jeweler Nirav Modi and restrict his movements.
  • The foreign ministry has written to the countries and the Indian missions have passed on a diplomatic note to those governments, news agency ANI has said quoting sources.
  • This is not the first time that India has made such a request to the three countries.