Never aimed for stardom, says Jimmy Sheirgill

The actor says his fan's respect means more to him than fame.

In an industry where being a star is considered a career high, Jimmy Sheirgill says he was never bothered about becoming the number one actor and always focused on giving his best as a performer.

“I remember going to a gurudwara when I got Maachis and saying ‘Lord, I am new to this place and I don’t know about stardom but just make sure I am not a bad actor’. That is all I have always asked for. All I want is whenever anyone talks about me they should talk in a respectful way,” Jimmy said.

Jimmy, 47, said he feels glad about the fact that he was never out of work. “There is lot of work for everyone. But many times you become overcautious or choosy about what you want to do. Whatever offers I get I chose the best from them. I had to keep working. I have also done guest roles for films of my friends. I look to do something substantial and interesting with every film.”

The actor has an interesting line-up of films, including Happy Phirr Bhag Jayegi.

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