Netizen sympathises with Big Basket employee’s plight, post goes viral

New Delhi: Recently, a Facebook post has gone viral. The reason being inhumane work conditions and poor payment at one of India’s e-commerce stores.

With its pan-India presence, and a customer base of 6 million, Big Basket being the country’s largest online grocer, has been accused of making their employees work under inhumane conditions by a netizen.

Saurabh Trivedi, a resident of New Delhi, who had ordered from the online store, took to the social media site to share how a delivery man was carrying a huge bag of goods on his back and was bending forward unable to bear the load, on a hot sunny day.

“Dear Bigbasket , Please see these pictures and think if this is the way one should treat it’s employees? Even the animals shouldn’t be treated like this.
5 days back, this delivery person came to my place. He came via bike carrying this huge bag, the temperature outside was around 43 degrees and the guy was literally bending forward due to the heavy weight of the order he was carrying on his back. He was sweating severely,” read the post shared by Saurabh Trivedi.

“He told me that his income is based on the number of order he delivers in a day and company is not concerned about their plight. Be it scorching heat, rain, storm or whatever, the company pays him only on the basis of total orders delivered and does not provide any assistance to improve their convenience for the same. Despite being a market leader and one of the most customer centric organisation, it was highly unexpected to see your treatment towards your employees. You guys should be dealt with strong action under law. Friends please share it as much as possible,” added Trivedi, who also tagged the Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India, and Ravi Shankar Prasad to his post.

Dear Bigbasket , Please see these pictures and think if this is the way one should treat it's employees? Even the…

Posted by Saurabh Trivedi on Thursday, May 24, 2018

Upon his urge, the post did go viral and another customer questioned the authorities on the official Facebook page of Big Basket. To his question, the admin of the page replied saying that they are working on improving their design, and “are confident that the load of our delivery person will reduce significantly.”

They shared a photo of a large box attached to the back of a motorbike saying it would be helpful “as the box would be mounted on the bike and the crates will be replaced with bags, where the products will be carried.”

Posted by Bigbasket on Saturday, May 26, 2018

Later, the official page shared a detailed note by KB Nagaraju (Chief Customer Experience Officer):

We've had a few questions over the last couple of days regarding the weight of the load carried by our delivery boys…

Posted by Bigbasket on Saturday, May 26, 2018

The post brought out a few points to the forefront as Nagaraju said, “We feel as pained as all of you who have expressed anger regarding the weight of the loads. We are very conscious of the hardships our delivery boys go through.”

“Our process does not allow a delivery boy to take a load in excess of 15 kilograms. However,  there have been some rare exceptions where in a misplaced sense of commitment to on-time delivery, the order allocator has assigned a load of more than 15 kilograms,” he continued.

He also mentioned, “the key reason for the voluminous bag is that we have used crates (rather than smaller bags) for packing orders,” since crates reduce the chance of damage.