Neetu Chandra returns from California, says, ‘It was difficult to stay there amid coronavirus lockdown’

Neetu Chandra has returned to India from California, USA, given the coronavirus pandemic. She had gone there to shoot her next action thriller film but returned to India in the first week of March as her parents were troubled by growing cases of coronavirus in USA. Neetu shared her California travel experience in an interview.

Neetu says it is difficult to stay there: Neetu, 35, said, ‘Everything was closing there, from restaurants to bars and workplaces were also closed. We were given limited items to eat and if there were more demands, they used to ask me to come tomorrow. It is difficult to stay away from the family in America.

Neetu further said, ‘My parents had said that the situation in India may also get worse. Come here before everything gets locked down. I am worried about my friends living in California and keep making video calls asking them if they are alright?’

‘Everybody was watching me with suspicion at the airport’: Neetu said, ‘There was no problem at the airport while returning to India but it felt as if a scene of the film was going on, it was frightening. There was a panic situation because people were looking at me with suspicion. They feared I was a virus carrier but my proper check-up took place before entering the country. I am happy that I have come back safely and spending quality time with the family.’