Neem water keeps us healthy, so this Indore couple distribute 700 litre water daily benefiting thousands of people

Indore: Place: Yashwant Club; Time: 5.30 in the morning.

A car stops outside the club gate. Car passengers Ashok Chauradiya (65) and wife Manjula (62) have brought 700 litres of neem water along with them. They distribute about 1200 glasses of water by 7.30 am.

This is the routine here every year from Gudi Padwa to Dashami (Navaratri). This year 7000 liters of neem water was distributed in 10 days. This has been going on for last 10 years.

Social activist Chauradiya explained that he saw this tradition in Ratlam when he was a child. In Indore, he decided that it should be started here too.

In 2008, he went from house to house in Vallabh Nagar to distribute neem water. Initially he distributed five liters of water. People appreciated his initiative very much. It was suggested to him that this good should be carried out on a large scale so that more people could benefit.

In 2010, a new beginning was made from Yashwant Club. In just 10 days about 35,000 people took neem water from Chauradiya couple.

Four people work hard for 12 hours

Preparing neem water is not easy. Preparation must be started 12 hours in advance. Neem leaves are plucked, sorted, washed and grinded. The solution is then filtered using a fine muslin cloth. Four people work hard for 12 hours to prepare neem water.

Benefits of neem water

According to Vaidya Hardeep Singh, neem water is a natural drink. Vegetable irrigated with dirty water causes worms in the intestine. From stomach ulcers to purifying your intestines, drinking neem water every day in the morning is an excellent way to stay healthy and strong. It cures acidity, destroys intestinal worms and provides coolness to the body. It also protects from loo. Drinking neem water everyday is a great way to control diabetes and get rid of anti-diabetic drugs.