Naxals don’t want bridge to be built that will ease commuting: Arrested woman Maoist

Dantewada: A woman Maoist, who was arrested this week for seeting a bus on fire in Kasoli, has made many shocking revelations.

Maoist Anita Poyam said terror is being spread in the area at the behest of Naxal leaders after the construction of a bridge was proposed at Chhindnar-Pahurnar. She said that setting the Jansuvidha Express bus on fire was a part of the terror operation.

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People believed that with the establishment of CAF (Chhattisgarh Armed Force) camp in Kasoli, the road from Kasoli to Chhindnar would be safe. People were happy as transport facilities, like buses, had also started plying.

On Wednesday, Maoists had targeted the bus and robbed bus passengers of their mobile phones and valuables. Later, they set the bus on fire. Police traced the mobile location of the accused and arrested three Maoists.

Anita Poyam said many senior Naxal leaders have ordered that the bridge should not be built under any circumstance. Maoists are holding meetings to discuss the strategy.

Naxals’ won’t succeed: Cops

On the other hand police are planning to set up a camp at Nadi Ghat. It is believed that within a week, the camp would be set up and it would have 300 jawans of STF, DRG and CAF.

SP Dr Abhishek Pallav said the Naxals want to spread terror by torching vehicles as they do not want the bridge to come up. However, he ensured that the bridge would be built.