Navy’s MiG trainer crashes in Goa, pilots eject safely

Panaji: A MiG-29K fighter trainer of the Indian Navy crashed shortly after taking off on a training mission from Goa’s Dabolim Saturday. The pilots – Captain M Sheokhand and Lieutenant Commander Deepak Yadav – managed to eject safely and have both been recovered.

According to Commander Vivek Madhwal, a Navy spokesperson, the plane, a trainer version of the fighter, suffered an engine fire.

According to news agency ANI, the MiG-29K trainer jet’s right engine was hit by a bird while in mid-flight. The plane crashed in an open and safe area and no casualties, civilian or otherwise, have been reported.

In June a mishap involving a MiG-29K led to Goa airport operations being suspended for 90 minutes.

The naval fighter jet’s external fuel tank was inadvertently jettisoned during take off and caused a fire on the runway. Fighter jets often carry fuel tanks that can be detached as per mission requirements.

The Goa airport is used for both civilian and military aircraft