Nana Patekar sends legal notice to Tanushree Dutta asking for an apology

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]s a video of Tanushree Dutta’s car being vandalised went viral on Monday, and Dutta is putting together a team of lawyers and advocates to defend herself, Nana Patekar’s lawyer, Rajendra Shirodkar sent a legal notice to the former actress claiming that she has levelled false accusations of sexual harassment against Patekar.

“A legal notice has already been sent to her and she will receive it today. The notice that I have sent is a standard one — denying allegations and asking for an apology,” Shirodkar told Firstpost. He was surprised to know that many people, including a journalist, assistant director Shyni Shetty, and actress Daisy Shah have confirmed that the incident did indeed happen.

“I can’t say much now. I have absolutely no idea why she (Tanushree) is talking about it now but she may be have some reasons to do it. Nana will come to town (Mumbai) today or tomorrow and address a press conference. Let him come back and talk, that is the best way to know. Tomorrow he should be definitely here,” added Shirodkar.
Several actors have spoken up in support of Tanushree Dutta. And the most recent to join the league is Race 3 actress Daisy Shah. She spoke in favour of Tanushree. Daisy who is also a dancer was an assistant to choreographer Ganesh Acharya in 2008, and her job was to teach Dutta the steps for the concerned song in Horn Ok Pleasss. Even though she could not give a clear account of what happened, she said, “We rehearsed for 3-4 days before shooting the song and on the sets also for first 2 days everything went very swiftly and on the third day something happened which I am not aware of but Tanushree, being a woman, she has come out and she has said that this is what she has gone through. So I totally sympathise with her.”

She told Bollywood Hungama bits of Dutta’s account of the incident. “(In the midst of the commotion) Tanushree’s car’s wind shield had cracked and she had locked herself in the vanity van for almost 3-4 hours.”

Dutta had told Firstpost in an interview, “They could have made changes, worked around it (the dance step), made me comfortable. I would have finished the song and the song would have got publicity. I would have been the star of the song. They would have got much more out of it. The movie ultimately didn’t release. Our car was damaged so badly. I remember sitting inside and thinking whether we would reach home or a hospital.”