Muzaffarpur: Report shows 100% ODF, but people continue to defecate in open

Toilets built on paper, ignorant people continue to defecate in the open in Muzaffarpur district aspiring to be ODF by March 31.

Muzaffarpur: According to the details reported on MIS (Management Information System), Muzaffarpur district has claimed to be 100 per cent open defecation free (ODF). When the survey was conducted, only 50% of the houses were reported to have toilets. However, the reality is far from it. Even in the ODF declared panchayats, many houses still do not have toilets.

The district is to be declared ODF by March 31, this year. But there are no toilets in many villages and people have no information about the government scheme.

After the survey report was made public, a team of Dainik Bhaskar examined the claims and reality in several panchayats of four blocks including Bochahan, Aurai, Katra and Gaighat. Surprisingly, many villages and settlements of these blocks do not have toilets in any household, for which they all defecate in the open.

Villagers unaware of government grant to build toilet

In many panchayats, especially among the Dalit-Mahadalit families, most of the houses do not have toilets. The government has set a target to declare all the districts ODF by March 31, 2019. But a large number of families are not aware about the process. They even do not know that the government provides grants for building a toilet in homes.

‘No one has money to build toilet,’ says elderly woman

There is no toilet in any house in the Khakhar settlement, just 50 meters away from Hathori-Amnaur main road. A local resident Amit Kumar said there are toilets in only two houses of Sahani Tola. 70-year-old Dukho Devi said, “No one has enough money to build the toilet.” She did not know that the government provides assistance.

‘No one told us about goverment scheme’

  • In Panchayat Amnaur, 1260 toilets were built on paper, but in reality open defecation still continues.
  • In Madhepura Panchayat, people of five wards do not know about the scheme and grant. They said nobody told them.
  • The five wards of Katra block’s Madhepura panchayat are situated beside the road. But yet there are no toilets. Sahni Tola’s Shankar Sahni and Sanjay Sahni said that the survey was conducted, but no one came again. They do not know about the government grant.
  • In Madhepura panchayat, 1312 toilets have been built on papers since October 2, 2014. Reality is that no one knows about the plan and grant.
  • Guddu Ram and Dhanesari Devi, residents of Ram Tola in Boradih Panchayat, said the ward member had informed a grant of Rs 12,000 provided by the government for building the toilet. But he did not have money.

Similarly, toilets have been built on paper in other settlements including Manpur Anandi under Rampur Jaipal Panchayat. But most people are ignorant and continue defecating in the open.