Muzaffarpur horror an exception: Bihar has shelter homes where kids get family love

A Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) social audit report says many of them are worth emulating

Patna: The reports of horrific sexual abuse of the girl inmates at a state-run shelter home in Muzaffarpur in Bihar has sent a wave of shock across the country. But the Muzaffarpur incident is an exception – not the rule.
There are many child care centres in the state which can be termed as a model. The report of a social audit conducted by the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) has hailed many child care centres, including those run by NGOs and the state government, in Bihar. The report says Saran’s specialised adoption centre is country’s model centre. Children are getting home-like love and care at other child care centres at Buxar, Nalanda, Bhagalpur, Katihar, Purnia and Darbhanga.

The staff and directors of these centres have great affection for the children and sensitive to their needs. They organise ativities to encourage children’s creativity. Some of them even spend money from their pocket on the children. They play with children, celebrate birthdays with them and help them realise their dreams. Children feel as if they are in their own homes.

Here is what the TISS report has to say about these homes

Observation Home, Darbhanga

There is very good understanding between the staff and the children. They work together in the garden. Children love their superintendent who often teaches them when a teacher is absent. The staffers understand their responsibilities very well.

Children’s Home, Buxar

The staffers spend a lot of time with children. They ensure children study and participate in creative activities like painting, drawing etc. There is a small library and the books are issued to children.

Children’s Home for Girls, Bhagalpur

The girls inmates of the centre and the children of the staff members celebrate birthdays together. The girls feel they are living among people who love them, look after them and take care of them.

Shanti Kutir, Nalanda

Most centres established under Mukhyamantri Bhikshavritti Nivaran Yojana are like prisons but Nalanda’s Shanti Kutir is entirely different. A small initiative has brought about a very positive change in the lives of the women staying here. They are free to go to a temple in the evening. They are accompanied by a staff member during visit to the temple but no woman has ever tried to run away.

Children’s Home, Katihar

The management has identified some older children who are capable of teaching younger children. This has helped to overcome the shortage of teachers.

Children’s Home (Boys), Purnia

Many programmes and activities are organised to help develop children’s attachment with the society. Children are encouraged to express their views before outsiders and the management uses a mobile app ‘Police Light’ to trace the families of children.

Specialised Adoption Centre, Saran

The staff is so committed, devoted and caring that this centre has been named as a model adoption centre. All the children are happy and healthy. The NGO’s secretary manages funds from other projects and transfers it to this centre so that the children get the best possible environment and care. The managerial staff of this say that the centre is a temple for them and service is their religion.

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