Mumbai Police shares ‘Ghar se nikal te hi’ memes, and Twitterati can’t stop LOLing

New Delhi: It’s good to have someone with a witty mind lead your social media team. Mumbai Police twitter handle made millions laugh on recent;y as they shared a meme, urging bikers to wear helmets.

In the quirkiest way possible, the meme says so much with just the lyrics of a famous Bollywood song, accompanied with two photos.

“Ghar se nikal te hi, kuch dur chalte hi” has been covered by Armaan Malik recently, and the song has been a hit with his fans.

Here are some replies:

The idea started several memes not so related to traffic, but rather the scorching weather:

One cannot forget the rush hours traffic:

Glimpses of Mumbai city:

How can this be missed:

Now comes the BJP memes post Karnataka assembly elections:

Even Pakistani politician and former cricketer Imran Khan became a part of the trend: