Mumbai Police promotes road safety with Hulk meme on Twitter

The tweet managed to attract quite some attention, with many hoping that such messages would work on people who fail to follow basic traffic rules.

New Delhi: The creative Mumbai Police Twitter handle probably increased its followers on August 6 as they managed to make many laugh with their new meme. They shared a road safety message paired with a picture of The Incredible Hulk in a tweet. The tweet made a reference to Hulk wearing protective gear in a scene from Thor: Ragnarok, asking people to wear helmets while riding two wheelers.

The tweet targeted the young generation who is usually irresponsible with road safety to wear helmets with the help of the Marvel superhero which is loved by many, and got desired attention from their followers.

The Marvel character is known for being one of the most formidable and strongest superheroes in the Avengers roster. “No matter how strong you are, never forget to wear a helmet,” the tweet read.

The Mumbai Police is known to post quirky messages on Twitter, and has even warned a few Bollywood stars to set a better example to their legions of fans.


The Mumbai Police official Twitter handle had previously shared similar important yet witty messages on road safety through memes.

In a tweet shared on June 22, the Mumbai Police posted about road safety using a dialogue from the film Dhadak. Have you ever wondered just how important it is to follow the traffic signal? Well, allow this tweet to tell you.

Mumbai Police isn’t just trolling Marvel superheroes and Bollywood celebrities but also the regular citizen of the country. On May 16, they picked up the then trending topic and contributed to the already famous ‘Ghar Se Nikalte Himemes.

Mumbai Police is highly updated with latest happenings and fast in creating viral memes. The city police on August 2 advised people against taking up the ‘Kiki challenge’ saying it poses a threat to their safety. In a tweet they said, “We love your safety and can’t leave it to be decided by Kiki.”


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