Mumbai cops tell bikers not to copy Tom Cruise!

With a message on road safety, police uses actor's stunts from MI Fallout as an example 

Mumbai: Fancy sending your bike’s speedometer into overdrive with a heart-pounding zoom down Marine Drive? Helmet-less and against traffic like Tom Cruise?

Well, don’t even think about it and not just because the Mumbai Police says penalties aren’t “mission impossible” but also because it’s dangerous and stupid. Besides, movie stunts are planned, controlled events; Tom Cruise says he trained a lot for the motorcycle sequences in MI Fallout.

Your attempts at Cruise-ing, on the other hand, will likely just produce Fall Off and that’s in the best-case scenario. As the Mumbai Police points out, #SayNoToRashDriving.

Mumbai Police’s witty message isn’t a one-off. Maximum City’s police department has some serious social media game. So, who are the brains behind these tweets? It turns out that a group of former journalists handle social media for the department. They work with the city’s top cops. “We work in close coordination with the team of the Mumbai Police” says Sunchika Pandey, a consultant. “The core responsibility of interacting with citizens and addressing their grievances is done by a team of constables in various shifts, under the supervision of senior officers.”

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