MP farm loan waiver scheme: Faulty list of farmers points towards corruption; probe ordered 

Large-scale irregularities come to the fore in the lists of borrower farmers prepared by cooperative societies

Bhopal: Huge irregularities have come to the fore in the list of farmers under debt owing to loans in Madhya Pradesh. While the names of those farmers figure in the list who never took loan, the borrowed amount mentioned against the names of some farmers is double of what they actually took.

Cooperative credit societies under scanner

In this mess, cooperative credit societies have come under the scanner. It is feared the cooperative societies are trying to embezzle the amount.

Cooperative minister Govind Singh has said that special audit of the societies would be conducted.

40% borrower farmers not in list

Many shocking facts came to light when the Bhaskar team visited villages and investigated the irregularities. Names of nearly 40% borrower farmers in the 14 villages adjacent to Bhopal do not figure in the list. In each list, there are 10 to 15 names of farmers – whose debts ranging from Rs 10 to 1000 have been waived.

Interestingly, the outstanding amounts have been shown against the names of even those farmers who had closed their accounts before March 31. At many places, service fee of banks and minimum balance amount is shown as the outstanding amount.

Govt orders formation of control rooms

The state government has ordered to form control rooms in each district and probe irregularities. A panel would also be formed. This panel would be monitored from the control room in the office of commissioner cooperatives.

The government has ordered inquiry. Collectors have been asked to check the complaints of farmers by forming the said control rooms.

The panels formed by the collectors will investigate each complaint in two days. A special number 0755-2551236 has been issued for making complaints.

But the question is whether the panel would be able to investigate all the complaints in just two days. This is likely to slow down the process of debt waiver. Till January 15, over 32 lakh farmers had applied for loan waiver.

Societies trying to embezzle amount: PS

Agriculture department principal secretary Dr Rajesh Rajora told his counterpart in cooperatives department that some primary agriculture cooperative credit societies have prepared fake loan cases without the knowledge of farmers and attempts are being made to embezzle the amount. This is a serious issue and must be investigated, he said.

Loan amount was Rs 1.25 lakh, only Rs 11.45 waived

A list of borrower farmers of Sonkachchha (Berasia), near Bhopal, has been prepared. The list contains name of a farmer Shivcharan Bhagwan Singh. His debt of only Rs 11.45 has been waived. The list also contained his mobile number. Bhaskar phoned Shivcharan and asked him if this was the amount he owed. He said his real loan is over Rs 1.25 lakh.

Cooperative societies and banks have made a list of borrowers without due consideration. The verification of farmers was not done.

Lists prepared by banks are in English

The lists of borrowers that the banks have provided are in English and so it is not easy for farmers to search their names in the list and see what the loan amount is as they don’t understand the language.

The lists also include farmers who are not borrowers. The loan amount of many farmers is also wrong.

BJP responsible for corruption: Minister

Govind Singh, cooperative minister, said, “The BJP is responsible for massive corruption in cooperative societies. Therefore we issued forms of three colours. The pink form is for information related to frauds.”

Corruption to the tune of crores likely, says minister

PWD minister Sajjan Singh Verma has said some people are trying to defame the government. The societies have fraudulently increased the loan amount of farmers in a bid to embezzle the amount. Corruption to the tune of Rs 2 crore is feared in Ujjain alone, he said.