MP Coronavirus Outbreak | Positive Cases Surge to 15 in Indore, Over 8000 Quarantined; Total 26 Positive in State

  • 26 positive cases so far in Madhya Pradesh
  • 14 and 18-year-old girl in Indore also corona infected
  • 65-year-old woman resident of Ujjain and 65-year-old elderly resident of Indore die

Indore: After 5 new cases of corona infection in Indore on Thursday night, the number of positive cases has now increased to 15 in 3 days. Of this, a 65-year-old woman, resident of Ujjain, and a 65-year-old resident of Indore have died. In Indore, the speed of the corona spread has increased by 300%. No cases were reported here in the first 54 days, but five cases each have been reported in the last 3 days. Meanwhile, the administration has declared those areas of the city as cantonment (prohibited) areas where positive patients have been found.

According to officials, the condition of the new 5 patients who were found on Thursday night is stable. Those who had stayed near and close to 10 corona-infected patients on Wednesday are being screened.

Five patients were found on Thursday morning and officials have identified 29 people who came in contact with them, while 40 people met or stayed with the patients who were identified on Wednesday night. Thus the screening of as many as 69 people is being done. The cantonment (prohibited) area will be up to three km from the patients’ house and no person will be allowed to move in and out. More than 8000 people in these areas have been home quarantined.

9 areas including Sneh Nagar, Khatiwala Tank were declared cantonment areas.

9 Cantonment Areas including Sneh Nagar, Khatiwala Tank: The authorities have declared Chandan Nagar, 12/1 Ranipura, 566 Sneh Nagar, 6 Manish Bagh, Maple Wood Building A One Block, Nipania, 128 Silavatpura, 56/3 Daulatganj, 22 Daudi Nagar Khajrana Road, 813 Khatiwala Tank as AP centers, there will be a cantonment area within the radius of 3 km and a buffer zone within a radius of 5 km. Employees will be screening at the exit points. Every day the teams will visit 50 homes and take reports. The relatives of the positive cases and those who came in contact with them will be monitored for 14 days. The helpline number- 7489244895 and 104 and landline number 0731-2567333 will be available for the people of these areas.

In view of the infection, people in many colonies are not coming out of their own homes.

People under screening will be told to fill survey forms: The team will ask the people to fill the survey forms. Information about the last 28 days will be sought. They will be asked to tell about the restaurants, hotels, malls, bars, other houses, grocery-vegetable shops, temples or other religious places visited by them in Indore. There will also be continuous monitoring of their health. There will be a survey in the cantonment area every day and information will be taken from all the people in a form.

Essential commodities in cantonment areas will be supplied by admin: Here the administration and the municipal corporation will supply the essential commodities. Vegetables, fruits, etc. will be brought to people’s homes in small vehicles. A medical team will be posted in every area. Police have been deployed at the entry and exit points of these areas so that no one can come from outside. If someone makes a movement then there will be legal action.

52 new samples sent for test, 18 from Dewas, Dhar, Ujjain: On Thursday, the Health Department has sent 15 samples from MR TB Hospital, 2 from CHL, 3 from MYH, 1 from Arihant Hospital, 2 from Gokuldas Hospital, 1 from Bombay Hospital, 8 from Aurobindo Medical College, 5 from Dewas, one from Dhar and 12 samples from Ujjain for corona test. The lab of MGM Medical College has the capacity to test 21 samples every day, while on Thursday only 52 samples came here.

270 cold-cough patients examined, 22 suspected of infection: According to Health Department officials, 270 patients suffering from cold and cough were examined at MR TB Hospital on Thursday. Of these, 22 patients have a chance of corona infection. 11 patients were sent to home isolation.

Samples of 29 patients were examined, out of which 23 were negative:

  • On Thursday, samples of 29 patients were tested in MGM Medical College’s lab, out of which 23 were negative. The sample of one of the six patients is being sent for re-examination, while five are positive.
  • A 42-year-old male patient, a resident of Ujjain, is being treated at MRTB Hospital. They are the close relatives of an elderly woman who died in Ujjain two days back.
  • The 41-year-old male patient of Ranipura admitted to CHL has no travel history.
  • The 53-year-old male patient, a resident of Limbodi admitted to Bombay Hospital, also does not have any travel history. They are also not aware of being in contact with any infected person.
  • The 14-year-old and 18-year-old female patient admitted to MYH have no history of going abroad or coming in contact with any such person.

Two people living in Indore and Ujjain died: On Wednesday night, a 65-year-old elderly resident of Ranipura succumbed. He was admitted to MYH on Tuesday. Confirming this, CMHO Dr. Praveen Jadia said that the patient had some other diseases along with corona infection, so his condition worsened. A 65-year-old woman resident of Ujjain died a day earlier.