MP: Callers won’t need to give their location to Dial 100

Bhopal: Those calling the emergency police number Dial 100 in Madhya Pradesh would soon not be required to give their location. The control room will get their location automatically and the nearest FRV (Fast Response Vehicle) would reach the place.

Currently, those dialling the number have to give details of their location, including the city, town or village, address, landmark and even the police station of the area. The control room then locates the FRV nearest to the caller’s location and asks it to proceed to the spot.

Panicky callers

Dial 100

This leads to wastage of time. In some cases the callers, especially if they are new to the place or are panicky, are unable to give their correct location. Even if a caller just makes a call to the control room and does not say anything, the police control room would get his location and the FRV would be dispatched there.

The centralised control room here will get the location of the caller instantly. For this, all the cellular and landline telecom companies operating in the state would give access to their network to the police control room and would flash the location of the caller instantly on the computer screens of the operators receiving the call.

Response time

Dial 100 centralised control room in Bhopal

Currently, FRVs take 10 to 12 minutes to reach the location in cities and around 30 minutes in the rural areas. The location-based service would reduce the response time substantially.

The caller will not be required to tell the person receiving the call anything about his location. This will reduce chances of mistake. The system would become operational in the next three months – Upendra Jain, ADG, Telecommunications, MP Police.

(Story: Sumit Saxena)