‘Movie Masti With Maniesh Paul’ is a celebration of our collective passion for movies: Maniesh Paul

Well, it’s about time you celebrate your passion for movies and have a li’l masti while you’re at it! ZEE TV is all set to introduce its latest offering – a first-of-its-kind light-hearted, comical Bollywood game show ‘Movie Masti With Maniesh Paul’.

Hosted by the inimitable Maniesh Paul, the show will unravel the unseen and unscripted side of Bollywood celebrities by subjecting them to tricky tasks, fun games and rapid-fire quizzes, all about movies!

‘Movie Masti With Maniesh Paul’ will see 4 hot Bollywood celebrities coming in each week to participate in the game show with the common man (or woman!) as their partner in proving that their filmy quotient is the highest. Together, their love and passion for movies will be put to test. Together, their love and passion for movies will be put to test and interrupting them every step of the way will be this mischievous, Bollywood-crazy family of pranksters. At the helm of this quirky comical brigade is host Maniesh Paul – one of the most versatile actors and acclaimed anchors of India.

This family will feature a motley of filmy characters ranging from a melodramatic Maa, a father who is a self-proclaimed villain – one who looks old but feels rather young. Adding to this interesting mix is the duo of a talented but wheeler-dealer of a manager and a naughty, seductive padosi Bhabhi.

Talking about the show, Maniesh said, “The show is a celebration of all things, Bollywood and our collective passion for the movies as a nation. I was hooked to the idea right since the producers and creative team narrated it to me. In fact, it’s a treat to a Bollywood buff like me and I am thrilled to not only host it but also get to test the Bollywood quotient of some of India’s hottest movie stars. Audiences are in for a treat as they will see their favorite stars just let their hair down and have a ball, trying to win the game show joining hands with their biggest fans. I see it as an entertaining, family game show that will keep you on the edge of your seat.”