Mother’s Day 2019: What my mom is doing is an incredible, wonderful thing, says Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif is full of praise for her mother on the occasion of Mother’s Day. She tells s completed 80 per cent of her studies through home schooling.

Katrina says: “My mother remained busy in social works. All our seven sisters studied at home, and it was a very good thing. All our sisters are successful in their chosen fields. But none of them is in the field of acting except Isabelle.”

She says further: “My mother is a teacher. She runs a school in Madurai. More than 100 children used to come to her and she taught them. When we were small, we did not realise what she was doing. But as we grew up we understood what our mother was doing was an incredible, wonderful thing. She was teaching so may kids, caring for their bright future.”

About her baby sister Isabelle, Katrina says, “Isabelle started her career with an English film because she is comfortable with it and it will always be her decision if she wishes to come into Bollywood. Isabelle is talented and confident and I’m sure she will get work on her own.”