MP: Mother who killed newborn fearing DNA test gets life imprisonment

Bhopal/Balaghat: A woman who had killed her newborn baby born six months after marriage as her husband threatened to get a DNA test done, was given a life sentence by the district and sessions court of Balaghat on Tuesday.

The accused mother Reena Bhagat strangulated the three-day-old baby after her husband left home threatening to get DNA testing application, it was proven in the court.

Later DNA test confirmed that the baby did not belong to her husband Chanchal Bhagat. Judge Deepak Kumar Agrawal slapped a fine of ₹5,000 on the accused mother too.

The prosecution officer Madan Mohan Dwivedi said that Reena was married to Chanchal Bhagat of Hirwatola on May 9, 2017. After she got stomach ache on November 11 same year, Chanchal took her to local health centre and later to the district hospital. Here Reena gave birth to a full-term healthy baby.

As the baby was born merely six months after marriage, Chanchal got suspicious and decided to get a DNA test done. Three days after the baby was born, when Chanchal left to collect DNA test application form, Reena strangulated the baby to death, the prosecution officer said.

Later, she feigned that the baby was unwell and had vomited blood. But due to suspicious circumstances and the fact that the mother was alone with baby, post mortem was conducted on the body and strangulation was confirmed as reason of death, the court was told.

Also DNA test was conducted at the State Forensic Science Lab at Sagar on the baby posthumously and it was ascertained that Chanchal was its not biological father.

Reena was booked for murder and the matter went into court. The DNA test report acted as major evidence and the accused was awarded a lifer.

How it unfolded

  • Accused mother married on May 9, 2017
  • Baby was born full term to her on November 11, 2017
  • Hubby threatened to get DNA test done
  • Mother strangulated three-day old baby

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