Hollywood style! Most extravagant gifts ever received

We always wish to gift something special to our loved ones and go out of the way or budget to do so. However, when you are super rich, you not only go out of the way, but way out of imagination as well!

Beckham’s love – necklace, pyjamas

Any wife would expect an expensive ring or fur coat from her husband. But when you are a Beckham, regular is not an option. David Beckham gifted his wife a necklace that cost him Rs275 crore and two expensive silk pyjamas worth Rs39,000.

Katy to Russel – A trip to space

When your husband already has everything, it is difficult to think of a present for him. So Katy Perry bought a ticket to space worth Rs1.4 crore for her then-fiancé Russell Brand for his 35th birthday.

Angelina to Brad – A heart island

When all was well between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, JLo gifted a perfect present to hubby Brad, a Rs86 crore heart-shaped island all worth the amount!

Kanye to Kim – 10 Burger Kings

As a gift for their wedding, Kanye bought his wife Kim Kardashian 10 Burger Kings restaurants. This is not all, he purchased these restaurants in different countries like Italy, France and the United Kingdom. He did this in order to make Kim a great businesswoman and chose these restaurants because he found fast food industry very lucrative.

Sandler to Spade – cars for Grown Ups

Adam Sandler has gifted his friend David Spade a Rs1.18 crore car. Sandler also gave three cars from the cast of the Grown Ups film. The former car is a luxury Maserati sport one. How lucky to be a friend of Adam.