Madhya Pradesh: Morena man booked for killing neighbour’s fowl 

Morena/Bhopal: This isn’t any ordinary clucking, but serious allegations against a neighbour who killed her chicken (in cold blood) after the fowl allegedly made forays into the latter’s house! Shocked? Don’t be. For, even Morena police has take cognisance of the matter and are now hunting for the culprit who has since been on the run after the crime. The police have booked a case of cruelty on animals for allegedly killing the chicken with a baton!

The incident came to light on Thursday after the owner, Sunita Valmiki, approached Civil Lines police with a complaint against her neighbour who killed the chicken. In her complaint, Valimiki revealed that the dead fowl was her pet and was “very close to her as she had been rearing it for the past three years and it was also the source of daily breakfast for her children.” Aghast at its murder, Valmiki also said she approached her neighbour demanding the dead fowl back, but the family threatened her of her life.

Autopsy on chicken!

Following her complaint, police not only started investigation, but also took the dead chicken to the local veterinary hospital for a post-mortem! Police also found out that the neighbour had indeed threatened Valmiki when she wanted the fowl back. While autopsy revealed it was killed with a baton, the grief-stricken owner said she will now cremate the chicken.

What the law says

Police have registered a case under Section 429, 294, 506B of the IPC. Section 429 says “Whoever commits mischief by killing, poisoning, maiming or rendering useless, any elephant, camel, horse, mule, buffalo, bull, cow or ox, whatever may be the value thereof, of any other animal of the value of ₹50 or upwards shall be punished with maximum five years’ imprisonment, or with fine, or with both.”

Not the first such case in MP

Earlier, in another incident, Aathner police in Betul district had to ensure the well being of two fowls for several days after they were seized in a cockfight. The chickens were later produced before the local court as evidences. However, following the trial, they were duly handed over to the person, accused of organising the cockfight!