Monkey menace hits India’s iconic Taj Mahal

New Delhi: It has become quite troublesome for the tourists from India and abroad visiting the Taj Mahal as incidents of monkeys attacking them inside the premises are now being frequently reported.

The authorities have failed at finding solution to this menace which has led to decline in the brand value of the world-famous monument of love, thereby affecting Agra’s tourism industry.

Questions are being raised about the inability of the authorities and the management to secure the Taj Mahal properly.

Authorities responsible

  • President of Agra Tourist Welfare Chamber Prahlad Agarwal pointed out flaws in managing the Taj Mahal. He said that gangs of monkeys are roaming inside the Taj Mahal and there have been no efforts to clear the premises. Consequently, tourists are being attacked and injured by these monkeys.
  • Agra District Magistrate NG Ravi Kumar seemed to express his helplessness. He said that UP Tourism Directorate and the Principal Secretary of Tourism have been sent several reminders about this, but there has been no action till date.
  • Tourism Guild Chairman Arun Dang held the authorities responsible for the monkey menace. He said that attacks on tourists are indeed a serious matter.
  • He said that Archaeological Survey of India, UP Government, Agra administration and the Central Industrial Security Force are responsible for this mess. He demanded immediate action as this was hurting tourism in the city.

‘Carriers of rabies’

“If the news of monkey menace reaches international media, the number of tourists will fall sharply as not only the monkey bites are painful, but monkeys are carriers of rabies, making the monkey attacks deadly as well,” social activist Sameer was quoted as saying in a media report.

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