Modi’s mission to clean Ganga: Govt takes a step forward as Indian Oil agrees to buy treated water

New Delhi: As the water resource ministry has found a way to make money from selling treated sewage water, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s mission to clean Ganga and other water bodies is finally taking a positive turn.

National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG), the implementation wing of National Ganga Council, will treat sewage and sell 2 crore litres of recycled water per day to Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) for its Mathura refinery.

Union minister for water resources Nitin Gadkari said a 20 MLD (millions of liters per day) tertiary treatment plant (TTP) will be set up to treat the waste water. “I have been talking about waste-to-wealth approach and I am happy that we have taken a step forward in this direction by signing the agreement with IOCL. It is very important to create value from waste. We are also planning to make it mandatory for projects of National Thermal Power Corporation Limited (NTPC Ltd) in towns along Ganga to use treated Ganga water for their power plants,” Gadkari said.

Water resources ministry is exploring innovative ways for utilisation of recycled sewage water by power plants, sugar industries, distilleries, tanneries with zero discharge policy.

Gadkari also expressed the desire to use water to extract methane, Carbon Dioxide and bio-CNG. He claimed that bio-CNG, which is a good, clean and economical fuel in comparison to petrol and diesel, will help in running around 5,000-6,000 buses.

The Union minister further added that he has asked the railway minister to use treated water to clean rail coaches in Kanpur and Varanasi.

Explaning the project, a ministry official said this will also promote the market for recycle/reuse of treated waste water in India, which will further help in sustaining the operation of the infrastructure created, a need-of-the-hour in the sewage sector.


The cost for the development and operation of the Tertiary Treatment Plant (TTP) for 15 years is ₹162.38 crore.

“IOCL would bear the entire operations and maintenance cost of the TTP amounting to ₹82.38 crore for a period of 15 years. Over and above this, IOCL will pay ₹8.70 per kilo litre towards the partial capital cost for the development of the TTP. Further, this will save 2 crore litres of water per day in the water-stressed Yamuna river which was earlier being used by IOCL,” said the water ministry official.

‘Determined to clean Ganga, Yamuna and other tributaries’

Gadkari emphasised that it is our determination to clean not only Ganga but Yamuna and other tributaries as well for which many steps have been taken.

Giving details of the projects on Yamuna and other tributaries he said, “18 new towns on Yamuna and its tributaries (Hindon and Kali) have been identified for pollution abatement. Eight of these towns are on Yamuna (Kalpi, Loni, Auriya, Kairana, Etawa, Bagpat, Tundla and Firozabad), four on Hindon (Saharanpur, Muazaffarnagar, Khora and Muradnagar) and six on Kali river (Meerut, Hapur, Deoband, Modinagar, Budhana and Autrauli).”

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