Modi back to chai-wallah theme: This time to drive home importance of biofuel

Anything about tea grabs my attention quickly, says the PM

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi narrated three stories to explain how important and useful biofuel is. He said any mention about preparation of tea grabs his attention quickly.

Speaking at an event to mark the World Biofuel Day here, he narrated the three stories. He said that 12 buiofuel refineries would be established in the country adding that the use of biofuel would save Rs 12,000 crore in four years and generate 1.5 lakh jobs.

Story 1: Tea vendor uses nullah’s gas to make tea

I read about a chai-wallah, who sold tea on his handcart near a nullah. The tea vendor somehow came to know that dirty nullahs release a gas which can be used as fuel. He made a hole at the base of a vessel, fitted a pipe into the hole and kept the vessel upside-down in the flowing water. And he used the gas to prepare tea.

Story 2: Set up a small biogas plant at home

At that time, I was the chief minister of Gujarat. One day, I saw a man carrying the inner tube of a tractor on his scooter. He told me that he was a farmer and had a small biogas plant at his home. He uses cattle dung to generate biogas in the plant, fills it in the tube and uses it to operate water pump in his field.

Story 3: Women use plastic to make blocks


saw a story on Africa on the Internet. The women of a village there collect plastic from all over the village, melt it and mix it with the sand from the river. They make blocks from it, which are quite sturdy and are sold at a good price. What is importance is that it is the village women who do all this work.
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