#MeToo: After being trolled for defending Nawazuddin, Kubbra Sait asks ‘Do men always have to be wrong?’

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t was only a few days ago that Kubbra Sait took a stand and supported her Sacred Games co-star Nawazuddin Siddiqui after he was named in the #MeToo account of his former girlfriend Niharika Singh, with whom he co-starred in Miss Lovely.

The actress was reportedly trolled on social media for supporting Nawazuddin:

In an interview to IANS Kubbra said, “I don’t care about those who want me to say what they want to hear. Why should I not stand by Nawaz just because he is a man? Do men always have to be in the wrong? It may be the politically correct thing to demolish the reputation of a man accused by a woman. But where is the proof?”

She added: “You can’t rant against someone and be taken seriously. If she (Niharika Singh) said Nawaz was a bad actor, there would be his body of work to disprove her. But how does one prove a man’s guilt or non-guilt when a woman accuses him of sexual misconduct?”

Former Miss India beauty pageant winner and actor Niharika Singh has talked about how award winning actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui coerced her into a relationship which later turned abusive.

Niharika also alleges that when she broke it off with Nawazuddin later and did not reciprocate to his multiple attempts to initiate a physical relationship once again, the actor spread stories about her to ensure that she wouldn’t get work.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui has not addressed the accusations levelled against him.

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Kubbra elaborated: “You can’t pull a relationship out of its personal space for your own purpose. There is a man’s reputation involved. I read her comments 7-8 times. But they sound like she is venting her own frustrations and rage against someone who has overcome his own struggles to become successful.”

“It is being said that the #MeToo movement can succeed if some important influential names are called out. We can’t just pull up anyone’s name and fling it in the mud. Comments such as hers are derailing the #MeToo movement,” Kubbra opined.

Kubbra also added, “I don’t know him personally beyond the work. He is not a friend. I don’t know him socially at all. But I’ve seen how courteous and soft-spoken he is with his co-stars.”

“For those who think I am defending him to save Sacred Games and my own role in it, I’ve news. The second season has started shooting. And I am not in it. My role is over. This is not about self-interest. It is to safeguard the #MeToo movement from being derailed,” she added.

Kubbra Sait said that blaming others for one’s own wrong choices is incorrect. “I’ve made many mistakes in my life and career. I’ve been in relationships that I’ve regretted. And I’ve done a web series in the past which makes me cringe. But at that point of time I needed any work that came my way. If you make wrong decisions in life, it isn’t right to blame them on others, especially if they are far more successful than you. Such accusations and allegations look like vendetta,” said the actress who will next be seen in Gully Boy, alongside Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt.

(With inputs from IANS)