Met Dept rubbishes apprehensions about monsoon playing truant

New Delhi: Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has dismissed apprehensions of below-average rainfall in the country this year, saying that the monsoon would be normal.

The IMD said there would be more rainfall in the month of August than predicted two months back. The department said the distribution of rainfall from June to July is quite satisfying although the amount of rainfall is less in Bihar, Jharkhand and northeast states. Only recently private weather forecasting agency Skymet had expressed apprehension about below average rainfall.
63% probability of good rainfall

The IMD said the the monsoon rainfall in the country is likely to be 95%. Monsoon would be normal in August-September.

The IMD said the probability of good rainfall in August-September is 63%. The probability of below average rainfall is only 47%. During this period the rainfall would be 94-100% of LPA (long period average).

Skymet predicted below average rainfall

Skymet had predicted that in August the average rainfall would be 88% of LPA although in April it had predicted 96% rainfall in August and 93% in September.

The IMD directors KG Ramesh and DS Pai said no global agency has given indications about poor monsoon in India. They said monsoon would be normal and the distribution of monsoon so far in the country is beneficial for agriculture.

The directors said in June they had forecast 94% rainfall, which has now been upgraded to 96%. The east and northeast part of the country have so far received 26% less precipitation. But more than 80% part of the country has received good rainfall, they said.