Memories Remain/ Children of Arun Jaitley’s driver and cook studied in the same school where his own children studied

  • Former Finance Minister Arun Jaitley died on Saturday at the age of 66
  • Jaitley was instrumental in raising the standard of living of private staff
  • Staff also looked after him like a family member

New Delhi: Former Finance Minister Arun Jaitley believed in donating and helping others silently. Jaitley performed many important responsibilities to raise the standard of living of his personal staff.

His family also looked after him like his family, because he considered them as part of his family. On the other hand, the staff also looked after Jaitley like a family member and gave him medicine or diet on time.

Jaitley had maintained an undisclosed policy, under which the children of his employees studied in the same Carmel Convent School in Chanakyapuri, where his own children used to study. If any talented child of the employee was willing to study abroad, then he was sent abroad to study in the same institution where Jaitley’s children were studying. About 10 employees, including driver Jagan and assistant Padma, have been associated with the Jaitley family for the last two-three decades. Three of their children are still studying abroad.

One son of a colleague is a doctor, second son is an engineer

One of the two daughters of Jogendra, who sees the entire arrangement of the Jaitley family’s food and drink, is studying in London. One of the sons of colleague Gopal Bhandari has become a doctor and the other is an engineer. Apart from this, Surendra was the most important face in the entire staff. He accompanied Jaitley at the time of his practice in court. He was responsible for supervising all the work from home office. If the children of any wanted to pursue MBA or any other professional course, Jaitley used to make complete arrangements ranging from fees to jobs. Jaitley gave his Ascent car number 6666 as gifts to Chetan, son of his assistant OP Sharma, in 2005, while he was studying law.

From children to staff, he used to give money through cheque

Jaitley was careful in financial management. At one time, he used to pay pocket money to his children (Rohan and Sonali) by cheque. Not only this, he used to give salary and help to the staff through cheque. At the time while he was doing his practice as an advocate, he created a Welfare Fund to help staff. This expenditure was managed through a trust. Jaitley’s wife Sangeeta also encourages employees whose children get good marks.

(Story by Santosh Kumar)